LABC Building Excellence Awards

2018 is off to an excellent start with the selection of Redcliff as a finalist in the category “Best Individual New Home” in the North West LABC Building Excellence Awards this April.

Completed in May 2017, Redcliff is the first of three bespoke houses providing the site – a former sandstone quarry – with a new lease of life.

We are delighted that the design by SDA architect Barrie Rea has been so well received and are proud that the hard work of all involved in creating this modern and attractive living environment has been recognised on such a scale.

What is the LABC?

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) is a not-for-profit organisation representing all local authority building control teams in England and Wales offering services to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and efficient in order to meet the standards set by governmental building regulations.

The LABC awards celebrate achievements in the construction industry by rewarding excellent buildings, companies, partnerships and individuals who go that extra mile. To be considered for an award is not merely a question of appearances, but relies on the following vital elements:

  • High levels of compliance with building regulations
  • Effective working relationships with LABC surveyors
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Technical innovation
  • Sustainability and high performance
  • Ability to solve technical problems with creative solutions
  • Use of innovative products and the skills to overcome difficult site conditions